Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A Canny Closet

Find yourself and unwind yourself,
You are fluid and unbidden,
Preserve yourself pleasure yourself
Ensure real self stays hidden,

Pull out your finger
And scroll down your lists;
Xyzee those Pot Noodle friends,
Found on the Gaydar; found on the Vadar
As you, a soulless cadaver,
Serve only a single pulse

"Religion and ultimate truth
Gimme not dat haughty wank,
This age with its naughty youth
Say lie down, enjoy the skank."

"Loser!" shouts Canadian closet
Then laughs unto himself
My memory starts to vomit
Recollecting his creepy stealth,

We all use the power of nature.
Harness her care her nurture.
But you seek to pull up the bridge
Count dollars; turn on the fridge

To make ice-cake speech; icicle logic
Unthawable in the heat of summer
Compassion is a surefire trick
That like you will never muster

What a bummer!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Burgundy best

Burgundy best unfinished

I wanted him in his burgundy best
                 of timeless purple finery,
Not mortarboard & black vest
Drowned in self-important whinery
Wanted to hear where meditation took him
Not pulp and pomp; backslap and rim

But when commonality shone through.  
Twas then that we were slayed 
We sentients cooed, wooed, and even mooed
At the brilliant message he bade   

Obama's ears; teenage fears
Showed him at his very best
Far from tears 'n' cynical jeers
Convinced of what he confessed.

But did you just look at those juniors
All aslumped and afalling asleep
And just see how their masters
Passively accepted their lot.
Theirs is not to weep.

So will they be reincarnated?
Being blind to all but diktat and dictate
Their refusal to add razzamatazz
Makes theirs a terrible fate

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Jonathan 2 Kebabs

"Jonathan 2 Kebab
Oh Jonathan 2 Kebab
What shall we do with you?"

J was a man made up of two kebabs. 

One kebab was married to kids and lived in the daylight. 
Watched Tyson Fury with unabashed joy. Played the fool with his kids.

The other kebab?
He lived with his mother.
Went to Disneysea with her every month.
Played Mickey tunes on his portable synth
Till the staff chased them out of town

He moved in twilight hours and shared carriages with persons of the night.

It was on a 5 a.m train that he saw one. This one was not here by choice but by destiny. She had tartan embossed brown shoes and a bag with the legend ARSMAGNA x SANRIO CHARACTERS on it.  Quickly Jonathan assessed:

her shoes,
her fattened legs, 
the 50-something clothing on her 20 something frame

J felt a sense of nausea as a man sat beside him. Baseball-hatted, when he sat down he talked into his phone. J got up and went to the next carriage. The train arrived at the next station. The ARSMAGNA girl walked past him. She smiled to herself while looking at pictures on her phone.

J looked to his left and saw a woman with dyed red hair. Her arms were folded. Her face was so hardened he felt a desire to caress it back into life. A lady of the night, as soon as she got on she took the seat at the end of the row and closed her eyes.

J felt sleepy and rain into the soba shop. He needed to call up his twin kebab

Jonathan got through to his twin and asked why he had said life was about chattels of deception. The reply was biblical:

"There are no atheists in this foxhole."

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Said Hugh

Said Hugh

Hugh said, "I aint gonna give up."
Though people around him
were losing their minds.
Then said, "Nor drink from their cup."
as he heard them
sharpening their knives

Another voice added:
"Submit not to despair."
No, oh no.
Not today.
Today of all days,
Not today.
Not on St Hugh of Lincoln's feast day

He'd not known of his illustrious namesake
Hugh born in Avalon dying in London
He knew only the industrious city
of Hull.

A place he did daily awaken
that slowly became a place of tedium
and led ultimately to heroin

He decided to escape all this and enter a commercial world. Work in a foreign land and sell himself on their market.

And he lived out his life in a zone where an identity unfurled
that was not his own
And his workplace made demands that he play a role
that the market did hone

The future darkened.
Now darkening still.

It was uncertainty that made him come to the office
On a Saturday one cold November
And it was perplexity that made Hugh think: Why do this?
Incredulity colored his thoughts
of his family,
of his friends,
of his colleagues
All this he did ponder

Then Virginia entered the room.
And with her,
Hugh just had to roll.
And with her,
he smoked away the gloom
He is with her now,
Painting Avalon's totem pole
On St Hugh of Lincoln's feast day

Friday, November 16, 2018

Hereon in

Hereon in it is time to die.
Noose loosens;
Says what's on my mind.

Hereon in it is time to die.
Floozy flew off;
And my voice unwinds

Hereon in it is all downhill.
No struggling, cuffs off;
Exposed at the sill

Hereon in it is all downhill
"No prison", he caws:
"Have faith in Will."